Ethereum Reaches $1700: Is it Time to Buy?

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• Ethereum price recently regained the levels it lost after the collapse of the FTX exchange.
• The bulls maintain significant dominance, but the price may remain consolidated for the next few hours.
• A fine upswing close to $1800 could be on the horizon with a strong support base between $1650 to $1550.

Ethereum Makes a Comeback

The Ethereum (ETH) price has been steadily recovering since losing ground after the collapse of FTX exchange. Bulls have maintained significant dominance, and a rebound has helped ETH reclaim its lost levels.

Current Price Analysis

Currently, ETH is trading above $1500 and bears are stymying any further progress just below $1700. In the short term, ETH’s price may remain consolidated before entering a decisive phase. If this happens, then an upswing close to $1800 could be on the horizon with a strong support base between $1650 and $1550 in case of bearish reversal.

Technical Indicators

In terms of technical indicators, ADX & RSI have shown bullish divergence along with MACD flashing a buy signal in daily time frames. This suggests that Ethereum is trading within stable conditions which may lead to slower rises in price index. Additionally, there has not been much fluctuation in market dominance over recent weeks signalling that short term trends are likely to stay within range for now.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

Given current market conditions it is difficult to say whether now is a good time to buy Ethereum or not as there are diverse signals coming from multiple indicators at once. However, investors should keep their eyes peeled for any signs of an imminent breakout so they can enter at advantageous points if they wish to do so; always keeping risk management strategies in mind while investing in cryptos like ETH!


In conclusion, Ethereum’s recovery appears promising and another upswing appears imminent as long as bullish pressure remains consistent and technicals point toward stability rather than volatility. Investors should remember that cryptocurrency markets are unpredictable so caution should always be exercised when investing in them!