Ripple vs SEC: Ruling to Be Produced Any Moment Now – Says Attorney John E. Deaton

• Ripple is expecting a ruling in its SEC case any moment from now, according to attorney John E. Deaton.
• Judge Torres has denied and granted motions from both parties in part, which means that the XRP holders could not purchase tokens expecting huge profits derived from Ripple’s efforts.
• Attorney John E. Deaton believes that the main takeaway from the ruling could be a clarification on the secondary sales of XRP.

Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit Set to Reach Finale

Ripple’s much-anticipated lawsuit with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be reaching its finale, as attorney John E. Deaton believes that a ruling is expected to be produced any time soon. The court’s decision will decide the fate of Ripple and its native token, XRP, as it seeks clarity over whether or not it should comply with securities laws set out by the SEC.

Motions Denied and Granted In Part

Judge Analisa Torres has denied and granted motions from both parties in part for Daubert’s motion ruling – thereby preventing XRP holders from buying tokens expecting huge profits derived from Ripple’s efforts. It remains unclear which side will come out victorious in this case; however, attorney John E. Deaton believes that if Judge Torres opposes the SEC’s claims regarding secondary sales of XRP then it could prove to be a massive victory for Ripple itself.

Implications of Ruling On Crypto Market

The outcome of this ruling will have major implications on the wider cryptocurrency market, especially given how many projects are currently using XRP as their main token or currency. If Ripple manages to win against the SEC then other crypto companies may gain confidence when it comes to dealing with regulations set forth by regulatory bodies like the SEC in future cases or proceedings. Additionally, if Ripple loses then it could lead other projects looking into using digital assets as payment systems uncertain about their legal status within existing financial frameworks.

Possibility Of Trial For Lawsuit

If neither side prevails then there is still a possibility that this case can go into trial – where both sides can present evidence either for or against each other so a judge can make an informed decision on which one should prevail at last after hearing all arguments put forward by both sides during trial proceedings . This would provide more clarity to investors about what exactly is allowed when dealing with digital assets such as XRP and thus provide more stability within cryptocurrency markets moving forward .


Despite uncertainty looming around this lawsuit between Ripple and SEC , we now know that an imminent judgement is expected any moment now . We just have to wait and see which way Judge Analisa Torres leans towards after considering all available evidence before her .