The latest test network for Eth 2.0 is on its way to launch

The latest iteration in the Ethereum 2.0 test network, Altona, is scheduled for Monday, June 29.

As discussed in a call between the developers of Eth 2.0 on June 25th, the new test network is „basically ready to go“ and is only being delayed to ensure that all developers are available during the release.

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Afri Schoedon, the developer who coordinated all the previous test network releases, explained that a minimum number of entries was reached to start Altona.

The irregularities in some entries created „a situation where […] technically we had a genesis event,“ Schoedon said. However, the developers agreed to delay the genesis to occur over the weekend, where there are far fewer developers available to fix any potential problems.

The developers then agreed to coordinate out of the call, to set a specific time for Genesis on Monday.

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Getting closer to a final version
The test network, Altona, is the first to use the updated 0.12 specification for Ethereum 2.0. The developers plan to make this the basis for the first publicly available long-term Ethereum 2.0 test network.

Developers plan to make this the basis for the first publicly available long-term Eth 2.0 test network. Developers continue to call Altona a „devnet“ (a network focused only on the work of the developers), as its main goal is to fix the most critical bugs. Previous networks often had fundamental problems in synchronization, even leading to forks in the chain.

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But the team hopes that the new specification will be stable enough to eventually open up a truly public test network, similar to the various parallel networks in Iq Option 1.0 such as Goerli and Rinkeby.

The development is on track to squeeze the previous estimates for the 0.12 test network, which was tentatively scheduled for June.

There are still no indications of the launch of a main network for Phase 0, the expected introduction of staking in the Ethereum chain, but it is likely that the test network, Altona, will be an important step towards that goal.